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T23 - Nightfall, Part 1
JSA Classified (2005)(V.O. anglais)

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Edition DC comics - 01/04/2007
ID-BDovore : 121157

Synopsis : In Portsmouth City, a man named Tony holds his wife and daughter hostage inside his house. Police surround the building, but are unwilling to risk entering less Tony harms his family. Doctor Mid-Nite enters the house and distracts Tony with a Blackout Bomb. He knocks him out with a nerve pinch and brings the family outside.

Once the scene is secure, Mid-Nite consults with two detectives named Mills and Parker. Both men thought that the resident Justice Society member returned to Portsmouth to investigate the recent rash of vampire slayings. This piques Mid-Nite's curiosity, and he begins looking into it. He meets with one of his street contacts, Lemon Hastings, who tells him of a trendy "clubhouse" where vampires are known to congregate. Mid-Nite does not believe that a true vampire is responsible for the murders, and suspects that the perpetrator may in fact be a serial killer whom believes himself a vampire.

Late into the evening, Doctor Mid-Nite finds a nightclub that caters to vampire enthusiasts. Scanning the crowd, he picks up something with his infrared goggles. Seeing a mysterious figure abducing a woman, Mid-Nite swings overtop the throng of people and exits the back of the building. Standing in the alleyway is a vampire named Mircea – the blood of his most recent victim still dripping from his fangs. Mircea leaps at Doctor Mid-Nite and sinks his fangs deep into his neck.

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