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Archie : The Kid Who Wrecked Riverdale (Free Comic Book Day 2003)
Free Comic Book Day 2003 (V.O. anglais)

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Edition Archie comics - 01/07/2003
ID-BDovore : 307219

Synopsis : This hilarious tale touches upon the magic of comic books and their ability to inspire imagination and creativity. A young boy is so immersed in reading Archie Comics that he actually believes they are real. Falling into a deep sleep, he finds himself in Riverdale, fabled hometown of Archie and his friends! Seeing this as an opportunity to "fix" all of Riverdale's problems, he convinces everyone to put aside their differences and get along. A nice little dream... or is it? He awakens to find his copies of Archie Comics have completely changed, with no conflicts at all! Gone is the fun and the humor... unless he can fall back asleep and set things "straight" again! Will the damage be irreversible?

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