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Resurrection (V.O.)

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Edition Oni Press - 02/05/2009
ID-BDovore : 90746

Synopsis : The story opens in 1998, with a character named Dwight in a state mental hospital, who gets a visit from a mysterious British government official named Paul Cole. We learn that Dwight believes he was abducted by aliens, and Paul believes him. The story jumps ten years into the future and the world is in ruins and New York deserted and evacuated. Dwight is in there trying to find his wife when he runs into a woman named Wendy, one of the few survivors left in the city.

Through their conversation we learn that the world was attacked by aliens ("bugs") and that Wendy is keeping a satellite uplink to stay communicated with someone in Europe. Once they establish contact with Europe, they learn that a man named Paul Cole has defeated and vanished the aliens, but Dwight does not believe him. Paul learns that Dwight is alive and somehow dispatches (to the suprise of the two survivors) an helicopter, which promptly kills Wendy and Dwight. Cole is trying to get a hold of a journal that Dwight had, but we learn that Dwight has sent it elsewhere, and someone else is seen getting a hold of it.

Guggenheim turned in an interesting set-up issue, and I have to say I am interested to see in what direction the series goes into. The premise in itself is not world-shattering new, I think we have all read or seen at least one story where the protagonist is thought of as crazy but is actually right about everything. Alien invasions are something that has been done quite a lot, but this story provides enough twists to keep the readers wanting for more. The art provided by Greenwood (who I have not heard of before, or at least I don't remember him), is a nice mix between Eduardo Risso and Stuart Immonen, and I hope to see more of him in the future

The Tek Jansen backup is about the space agent infiltrating an alien planet divided by racial segregation betweeen "horneds" and " plains". Tek Jansen must help the dominated "plains" raise to be equals, but once all is said and done, his success spells the destruction of the planet. The story is not a bad back-up, but the humor fell short on me, and that is supposed to be the strong suit of such a goofy character.

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