Série Evil Dead 2 : Revenge of the Martians (2016)(V.O. anglais)

Genre : Comics
Nombre de tome: 1
Albums dans la base: 1
Avancement : One Shot

Synopsis : First the Evil Dead came for Hitler, then Dracula, and now they're after H.G. Wells' infamous Martians in this destined-to-be-classic mash-up of Ash and War of the Worlds! The Evil Dead 2 Universe continues to expand with this all-new "Revenge Of" title by Ty Templeton (best known for his work on Batman '66). In a world where War of the Worlds actually happened and Ash is now an Uber driver, he gets in over his head when a Deadite invasion revives the long-dormant Martians. Kick some Martian, Ash! Ulla!
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