Série Blade : Blood and Chaos (2018)(V.O. anglais)

Genre : Comics
Nombre de tome: 1
Albums dans la base: 1
Avancement : One Shot

Synopsis :


Blade (1998) #1-3
Blade [One-Shot] (1998) #1
Blade: Sins of the Father (1998) #1
Blade: Vampire Hunter (1999) #1-6
Gambit (1999) #4
Marvel Team-Up (1997) #7
Peter Parker: Spider-Man (1999) #7, 8

Blade is back-and he's slashing his way through all kinds of bloodsuckers! Deacon Frost has taken over the New Orleans Mafia, and Blade won't stand for that. When vampiric Sun-Walkers emerge, Spider-Man must lend a hand...and Hannibal King and Brother Voodoo join the battle as Dracula's reign as Lord of Vampires takes a dangerous turn! Then, a vampiric mafi a Don's daughter seeks vengeance - and Blade is her weapon! And Daywalker meets Living Vampire when a case brings Blade and Morbius together! But how does the covert branch of S.H.I.E.L.D. named Silvereye plan to deal with creatures of the night - and where does our favorite vampire hunter fit in?