Série Weapon X : The Return (2018)(V.O. anglais)

Genre : Comics
Nombre de tome: 1
Albums dans la base: 1
Avancement : One Shot

Synopsis : Wolverine's nightmare is real as the Weapon X program returns! With a sadistic new Director in charge, the program offers mutants a chance to turn against their own kind - and a deadlier-than-ever Sabretooth is their first recruit! But when conscripting Logan fails, the Director turns to...Deadpool?! As Weapon X's ranks swell with mutant killers and the bodies begin to pile up, Cable leads an uprising - the mysterious Agent Zero debuts - and Chamber goes undercover! But what is Weapon X's sickening true goal? And can Wolverine and Fantomex prevent the rise of the "Days of Future Past" timeline?


Intégrale - T1 - Weapon X : The Return Omnibus

Edition Marvel