Série Evil Dead 2 : Revenge of Krampus (2016)(V.O. anglais)

Genre : Comics
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Synopsis :

It's Christmas Eve and as usual Ash is alone with a TV dinner, a bottle of Bourdon, and the Skinimax Channel on cable. This silent night gets unholy when Krampus shows up to take away a neighbor kid! It's up to Ash to ring his silver bells and maybe end up under the mistletoe with a grateful mom. Ian Edginton returns to Evil Dead 2 with this twisted Christmas tale in Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Krampus! Normally not one to poke his nose into others' business - and for good reason! - Ash ends up learning there's more than one way to lose!

It's Christmas Eve and Ash, the Ash grown from the real Ash's hand, is sitting in his trailer feeling miserable for himself, when his new neighbor knock on his door. She claims that a monster is after her son. Not one to turn a hot chicks request to save her spawn, Ash grabs his Boom-Stick and heads over to her trailer, where he finds her son attacking Krampus.

When Krampus sees Ash he recognizes him and attacks. The two fight through out the trailer park, the whole time Krampus insists that he and Ash have met before. This leads to the two of them going back to Ash's trailer and sharing some beers. There Krampus explains that he used to try to scare Ash as a kid, but Ash was never scared. Ash then tells Krampus that when he was a teen he had a head injury and that is why he didn't remember Krampus.

Krampus leaves to finish his Christmas mission and Ash goes back to feeling for himself. But then Ash decides to spend Christmas with the hot next door neighbor but learns that Krampus has already made his move on her. This leaves Ash alone on Christmas once again.

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T1 - Evil Dead 2 : Revenge of Krampus

Edition Space Goat Publishing